About us

We actively and successfully develop silicon technologies since the late 1970s. Our research in technologies of float zone (FZ) melting (high-frequency heating 2MHz ) and growth of silicon from melt by the Czochralski method yielded in more than 20 certificates of authorship (analog of patent), and in a similar number of articles and reports.

The rapid growth of solar technology in the mid- 2000s made ​​us to address the problems of obtaining not only defect-free crystals, but also high quality raw materials. One of the most important goals for us has always been the availability of raw materials, both in terms of quantity and in terms of prices. In 2007 our research and production team approached to the use of electron beam technology for silicon feedstock production and achieved considerable success in this direction. Our research and development allowed us to successfully apply method nearly unepxloited before in the semiconductor industry and to shift from laboratory experiments to industrial research.

Developed technologies received 10 patents in Russia, Latvia & EP and were presented at international conferences in EU, USA, China and Russia, published over 20 articles. The quality of the purified silicon has been successfully tested by the Czochralski method at Prolog Semicor, Ukraine Topsil Semiconductor Materials A/S, Poland(testing conducted in 2012). Polycrystalline rods, pulled from the skull with electron beam heating tested by FZ melting method at IKZ, Germany, and Topsil Semiconductor Materials A/S, Denmark and at own FZ facility. Current status of laboratory illustrated at short presentation
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