In our studies of methods of obtaining silicon raw material and single crystals, we always pursue the goal of creating a product that meets modern standards of quality, or even surpasses them. The product, whose properties and use will be clear, simple and transparent to the user.

During our research we were able to combine a promising method for electron-beam heating with classical architecture of semiconductor process understandable to consumers of silicon technology. One of the priorities of our research is to control the parameters and understand clearly the nature of the processes in place. With a strong scientific and hardware base we are used to solving problems of scaling of technologies, we successfully avoid bottlenecks arising at the interfaces of different methods.

After laboratory tests stage, on reaching ca 120kg charge sizes in a process, we were able incorporate our feedstock in the industrial process of testing and got feedback from our partners about its quality at any stage of a complete processing chain.

Despite these successes , there is always a room for technologies to grow!