project Nr. 4.5 “Technological research and production of silicon with a diameter of up to 100 mm for use in power rectfiers”

  1. The element base and installation of components of the FZ1510 high-frequency generator have been optimized. Single crystals of silicon up to 102 mm in diameter have been grown.
  2. A mathematical model of the process and the design of an inductor have been developed for growing single crystals with a diameter from 5 mm (the process of growing a thin neck) to 100 mm from a pedestal with a diameter of 200 mm. The schematic diagram of the RF generator of the corresponding installation is unified with the optimized generator circuit of the FZ1510.
  3. The processes of heat treatment of neutron-doped silicon have been successfully carried out.
  4. A positive conclusion on the quality of dislocation-free silicon monocrystals grown on the FZ1510 installation from standard polycrystalline silicon was received from the consumer of the product.
  5. The work continues in accordance with the project plan.