project Nr. 4.5 “Technological research and production of silicon with a diameter of up to 100 mm for use in power rectfiers”

  1. A set of work was carried out to improve the high-frequency generator FZ1510: water-cooled capacitors were installed instead of non-cooled ones, the design of external screens was improved and the protection of low-voltage lines from the magnetic field.
  2. Laboratory process of growing single crystals from a pedestal. An actuator has been developed to control the position of the heating elements. Partners (University of Latvia) have improved the mathematical model of the prepared process for growing single crystals from a pedestal. To increase the efficiency of the operation, the required capacity of the capacitor bank was calculated for operation at a certain frequency, and the feedback circuit of the generator was improved.
  3. The full operation of the technological line was started to carry out auxiliary and control measures in the production of silicon monocrystals.