Project 2.1. The introduction of technological research and the development of an optimized cathode-ray heater for the production of high-purity materials.

  1. Work continues on making changes to the design of the electron-beam heater. A model of the construction of a product with a built-in gas-dynamic window has been developed. The first version of the working drawings was developed. The drawings were reviewed and sent for correction.
  2. In preparation for testing the magnetic separation unit, the operation of the process control system was improved, in particular, several elements were replaced: vacuum sensors, tablet – control panel. Improved designs of the membrane of the gas-dynamic window and the heating zone.
  3. Partner (SIA PAIC) have developed a mathematical model of the magnetic separation unit. The sizes of the elements of this block were optimized based on the model. The documentation was handed over to the designer for the development of design documentation for the manufacture of a magnetic separation unit. Variants of manufacturing a magnetic separation unit are considered. It is considered preferable to include it in a new design model of an electron beam heater.
  4. 5 crystal growing processes have been carried out and 4 more are planned. their purpose is to obtain basic information about the achieved properties of the system before using the magnetic separation unit. Work continues.