Project 2.1. The introduction of technological research and the development of an optimized cathode-ray heater for the production of high-purity materials. Progress in October – December 2019 05 Feb 2020

Stage 2. Modeling an electron beam with magneto-optical control
SIA PAIC- project partners were given data on the magnetic and geometric characteristics of the lenses
Stage 4. The unit block of the gas-dynamic window (GDW) with the magnetic separation unit (MS)
As part of this stage, work is underway to develop the previously developed gas-turbine gas treatment plant at the VU 3 installation. The system is installed, satisfactory gas-vapor pumping conditions are provided, samples with an oxygen content in the melt residues of 0.14-0.23 ppma are obtained, which corresponds to the previously achieved level in experimental processes . The design of an electron-beam heater with built-in GDO suitable for connecting an MS has begun. Work will be continued in 2020.