Project 2.7. for “Technology for development of dislocation free single crystals of silicon” finished

AS “KEPP EU” in cooperation with the project “Mašīnbūves Kompetences centrs izveide” SIA “MAŠĪNBŪVES KOMPETENCES CENTRS”, within the framework of the project ID Nr., December 31, 2018 together with the University of Latvia completed research Nr. 2.7 “Silīcija bezdislokācijas monokristālu audzēšanas no pamatnes izpēte”

In accordance with the objectives of the project, mathematical models of processes for growing silicon crystals with a diameter of up to 90 mm from pedestals of various diameters were developed.

– Developed thermal systems for such processes.

– The influence of the geometric properties of the system and its elements on the growth processes is investigated.

– A high-frequency tube generator with an operating frequency of 1.3 MHz was developed.

– In accordance with the mathematical model, crystals with a diameter of up to 20 mm are grown.

At the beginning of the growing processes with the accepted diameter of the inductors, it was found that growing a thin neck with a diameter of 5 mm is almost impossible. Mathematical modeling of such a process showed that the tangential temperature gradients on the melt surface are 20-30 times lower than optimal.

The main results of the project are published in the articles:

Optimization of high-frequency inductor shape for the pedestal growth of silicon crystals

Float zone silicon crystals for testing rods, pulled under electron beam heating